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My eyes are tired. My mind is weak. I cannot think of the last time I went to sleep not worrying about getting up. I feel a cold sweat coming on. There is so much to learn and so little time. I go in and out giving up. Deciding that I will never do better and blowing it all off. Then the worry about next semester dawns on me. Where is the money going to come, will I be able to get job, what about take the test and will i ever be able to finish school…so many questions like a giant burden.
BUT I cannot give up on myself. I cannot give up on my family. I have to trust that I am here and that I am capable. I am here I have gotten here. Dios esta conmigo y tengo que tener fe. But faith is so hard. It is a funny thing. Faith will get me through.

The professors look at us. Remembering their time:

The words of advice came from his mouth.
Old as he was hed had plenty of experience with life
The point was do not give up on yourself.
Do not let go of your self worth
Keep your idealism
Then he carefully picked up his book
Wiped a silent tear from his eye
And walked out of the classroom for one last time

It is test time people! Wish me luck.