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Category Archives: The Big Brown building

It just seems like an awesome coincidence. A perfect metaphorical instance in my life, but I did not make it up. It actually happened.

It was four in the morning.  We were on our way.  My eyes were so open and yet I knew that later I would crash from the lack of sleep.   We arrived to the city at six am.  Two hours before our appointment.  We ate.  I had a fast food english muffin with canadian bacon and egg sandwish.  I also had a rather greasy potato.  I slurped down a very sweet hazelnut coffee.  I had been wanting to try that for a long time.  Not quite as good as I imagined. 

Then we went to our liason’s office.   He told us what would happen.  Call the oficial officer and be very careful with touching their things.   At this point I had a cold sweat running all through my body and the jitters.  My whole life depended on the next couple of hours.  I grabbed a rubber band and started playing with it.  I remember hearing that it was a good thing to do before a nerve wrecking speach so I figured it would help. 

I tried going to the bathroom several times.  I did not want to be unprepared when the time came.   Then we started driving.

The road to get there was closed and we were already running late for our scheduled appointment.  My dad was driving.  He became anxious and flustered.  But through it all I just kept thinking that everything happens for a reason.  That we would get there on time and that everything would be fine.

My dad dropped us off.  I had to run to the building because we were already late. I went through some metal dectectors and waited for my siblings.  We took the elevator to the top floor of the building.  As soon as we got there there was a big room with lots of chairs.  A security guard sitting in front asked us to see our letter.  We showed it to him.  I just wanted to take in every single moment of that experience.  The cold temperature of the room.   The lynonium floor.  The clock that was position right in the middle of the wall.  The American flag in the corner.  The hard chairs and uncarpeted floor and  almost sterile feeling of the entire room. 

We sat there.  My stomach tight.  There were two doors on the sides from which people came out to periodically call out names.  That.  That was the promised land. 

Finally our name was called.  My brothers had to go in first since I had to wait with my underage sister so our mother could come in with her.  We waited in the corner of the room right next to the door and the American flag. 

I just remembered that a couple of months ago I had been lost in the big city and had looked to that buiding for guidance.  I wanted to get to the outside of the building so bad that I just kept walking.  Now, now I was inside waiting for the moment that would change my life.

My brother came out.  His face was frightning.  I wondered what had happened.  He said we have to come back before hand I and my sister had to go in to interview. 

The officer was not all that intimidating.  In fact, she was friendly.  Had a rather bizarre hairstyle but I guess I would say that since I am an outsider to her culture.  She was not dressed impressively.  In any other circumstance she would have not been so intimidating.  But it just so happened that my entire life was in her hands at the moment.  I clung to every word she said.  Tried to carefully follow each one of her instructions.  Laughed at her silly jokes.  Alas, she took our names and told us we would have to come back.  I already knew this.  I tried to tell her to give us the appointment soon that even a day even an hour would make a difference in my life.  She said she would try.


Here I am still waiting.