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Monthly Archives: September 2009

Dear Younger Self,
All the work that you are putting in right now will be rewarded. There is talk about things you could do, but trust me just learn to have faith and wait. I know it may sound a little dumb, but putting your life in God’s hands really does make it simpler. Try this for everything. Your situation at the moment. Your situation with boys. Your situation with your family. Everything.
Also have faith in yourself. Know that you are an amazing person and let people get close to you. I know that at times this may seem hard but do not let the difficulty of going outside your comfort zone stop you from letting other people get to know you.
You are often going to be lonely but relish the quiet. There will be a time when you will have plenty of people surrounding you. Also, start working a little bit earlier. You are going to need to save money for the time you do not have any. Oh yea and do not be in a hurry to get anywhere. Stop.
Enjoy yourself. Enjoy the time that you have there. Every single thing that you live is really a gift from up above.
While we are on the topic. Thank God. Do it often. Somehow your gratitude makes your own life seem better.
I guess we are going to get into the hard topic of boys or rather men. Do not be afraid to let someone get close to you. Do not be afraid of getting hurt and most importantly do not be scared of hurting them. You are able to take care of other people’s hearts and in fact you do enjoy it so let it happen.
Younger self, you have so much life ahead of you. So much to experience. Just slow down and enjoy life because it will end and I do not want us to regret anything
I love you younger self. I love your naivete. Your love for life. I love the innocent little girl you are. I love your appreciation for the dumbest little things. Try to keep as much of that as possible and do not let the world jade you. You are after all an amazing person.