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Monthly Archives: May 2009

I see your life right now so perfectly routined.
But is this what you had imagined happiness to be?
I see you are a dreamer waiting to become
but dreams are power that the world likes to play with
making you believe that dreaming is wonderful
and then ridiculing those dreams
The world is not made for dreamers
the real revolution is trying to exist
Surviving drugs,doubt, negativity, alcohol, trauma
and a million other things
I see that little boy trying to become
stifled by the man’s fear.
I see a dreamer awoken by the harsh reality
I told you that the world is not meant for dreamers
I see the inner struggle going on.
I hear the screams of your insides
drowned by the comforts of today.
I see you. I believe in what you want to be
and yet you have let go
defeated by what you are
and its not a pleasant sight
the world is full of people
that were at one point dreamers
trying to become
the society chokes us until
we throw up every single
dream we have
the real revolution is trying to exist
and learning how to dream
even when we stop believing
we must keep on dreaming
because the real revolution
is not an abstract thing
it is us dreaming and becoming
what we dream
I see you. I know you.
You are me and I am you.
We are meant to dream
that is what God intended
Let us keep on fighting.