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With the coming of the new year it is becoming abundantly clear that the day for me to leave home and head to law school is getting extremely close and well, i still do not even know if I have the money to go BUT I AM GOING TO GO.  to hell with putting my life on hold for one more year.  yes, I will do whatever it takes to go.  This is what determination looks like people.  I already passed the hard part…getting into a top ten law school… finding the money should be no problem…

…so this is where the plea comes in…if you find any scholarships or any money out there for which i might be able to qualify PLEASE POST THE LINK AS A COMMENT.  who knows others might be reading this and find the links and get some money out of it.

so there you go that is my plea.



  1. Have you considered part time law school in order to minimize the cost as you go along? A lot of law schools have a “night” program that takes longer, but is less expensive at the time.
    Also, check out several of the smaller, State law schools as there are bargains out there.

    I know several on the east coast – I don’t know where you are located.

  2. hi this is cest form dap my blog is back. i deleted the old posts and wrote only recent ones.
    just getting the word out
    peace out!
    dont lose faith!

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