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As I get older I keep thinking about all the potential we are born with. I think about all the hopes and dreams that are placed upon us as children. I think about eventually getting those hopes and dreams ourselves. When we are kids we think we can be anything. Astronaut, singer, actress, teacher, lawyer, doctor, fairy, hair-stylist, veterinarian, pediatrician, journalist…the list goes on and on. We really do not ever stop to think that maybe it is impossible to be those things. As we grow older reality starts to hit. The fact that we have to grow up and pay rent and live daily life makes it really hard to keep on dreaming. It makes it really hard to think that we can have a well paying job when we are stuck working for minimum wage at place we do not enjoy. Daily life just kind of takes over and we do not ever reach all those hopes and dreams that we had as children.
It makes me a little sad to think about this and to know that practical life can sometimes take over and we stop dreaming and we never fulfill the promise inside of us. But each one of us does have a promise and it is never too late to try to reach that. and I for one am thankful for that thought.



  1. Hi there,

    I found your blog through another Dreamie’s blog. I like the way you write, I have been avoiding being that honest when writing.

    You know, this situation we are in has given me way too much time to think and I’m realizing that maybe I do not want a conventional life where the practical side of life takes over.

    I feel like I’m sitting on a fence. I am glad to have the time to think about it now, it would be nice to also add some experience to help me figure this out. Hopefully things will change this year.

  2. Very true. Everyone is also born with the capasity for “good” and “evil.” We all make the choice to become just another regular person or to strive to become what we want to become. Sure we all make bad choices everynow and then, but it’s by learning from them that we better ourselves. I have friends who don’t worry about anything but paying bills and making it another day, saving up to buy some useless item they think they need. They’re satisfied with their boring lives because that’s all they want. They see what I do, despite all of my set backs and still chose to be dull. I for one don’t mind when they chose that, we need people to do those everyday day jobs that make the world go round. As for me, I’m with you in that I’m striving for the greater good. To become something more and to help those in need. I don’t know it is that drives me, but I’m glad that drive is in me, even though it’s tested constantly.

  3. I like your view on this, the fact that you’re never too old to follow your dreams. I can relate to what you say when “practical” life takes priority over our dreams and aspirations. In fact I’ve been trying to deal with this dilemma, just as Lu stated.

    Can we have a practical life combined with the life we dreamed about? Can we be engineers and actors, nurses and painters, business people and journalists?

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