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Monthly Archives: December 2008

i had to work today. It sucked because I wanted to be home all cozy in my bed.  That is why I am not writing as much because of this job.  I hardly have time.

Sometimes I feel so alone and hopeless.  And I have been feeling increasingly like that more and more.  Feeling as if I am always going to be in this situation.  LIKE NOTHING is ever going to change.  feeling as if why should it.  why do I need my situation to change when my life is fine.  Why am I complaining if I have everything I need.  I just want to make my life a little bit easier okay that was a little rant

many many people go over there to my job to ask for jobs.  I know a lot of them do not have any documents but they still keep trying.  Even after being informed that applications are many and chances of being hired are few they keep going.  It makes me want to count my blessings.

None of us are entitled to anything but we do all deserve a chance and that is all most people are asking for.  So today on Christmas Eve I count my blessings.  I am thankful for my job.  Thankful for my family.  Thankful for the hope I have. Thankful for the people that are reading this and are feeling the same way.  Thankful for the people that share their life so we can feel like we are not alone.  We really are not.

I commend every single one of the dreamers out there that are fighting for their dream.  Who right now are stuck working at restaurants or as gardeners but who know that they deserve better and keep on working every day with humility to get what they deserve.  I commend all the people that will not give up even when the situation is deem.  There is a light at the end of the tunnel.  It may not be visible yet but it is there and I hope we all will reach it and those of you that see it now keep reminding us all that it is there sometimes we need that reminder.

And yes I realize that I am commending myself.  and I am.  I realize that every single one of my accomplishments: graduating from college, getting into law school; having a job.  All of those things are amazing.  so pat in the back for me :).

What is amazing about being in this situation is that I feel a common bond with so many people.  Just knowing that we are going through the same thing makes me feel a kinship.  I know when I am out of this situation I will not forget the hard work it took and the people that are still working hard and I will continue to be thankful for it all.

And with that surge of positivity I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. And all the prosperity and hope for the New Year.