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Monthly Archives: October 2008

I have discovered that anything you can do I can do too. Any thing I wish for I am able to have. The thing is that everything is a little more complicated because of my situation. I have to look for additional ways to do things and little ways around certain rules. But really there is nothing that I can think of right now that I cannot do. Of course, everything I do do carries an extra risk. I can technically drive but I just have to be extra careful not to get stopped and if I do get stopped I have to have the money to get out.
I can work. I just have to make the extra effort to find employers that will not care about the situation. I can also travel but I am just taking the extra risk of not being able to come back “home”. Everything you can do. I can too. The laws do not stop me then they just make everything more difficult. But that just shows how much I want it. It just shows that I am willing to look for the answer even when it is hidden some place where nobody else wants to look.

I was reading the post that I wrote about faith and I still pretty much agree with it but I do have to add that having faith in yourself is so important also. I think that I disqualify myself from doing so many things because of my situation. I start to think about doing it and then I tell myself that I cannot do it because I am undocumented. So anybody saying anything I have already stopped myself. I guess the law then is a deterrent. That just shows that I am not having faith in myself and I am not putting my faith in a higher power to guide me through the journey. I am just stopping whatever it is I want to do because I think it would be too hard to do it. I hope that makes sense…

Well from now on anything you can do I can do…better…

As a side note my posts have been pretty pessimistic so I want to be a little more positive.