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Monthly Archives: September 2008

that today is not forever. that tomorrow will be better. that every day is a gift and that whatever is here now could easily be gone in the next second.
sometimes i forget that the past is never perfect. that somewhere in between the good times there were tears and there was pain. i forget about the exhaustion that comes with accomplishing a goal. i just remember the smell of clean cucumber and melon on a sunny summer day. the dark denim jeans that i jumped into the pool with. the taste of sierra mist after a very long day of exercise. the happy tranquility. Somewhere in all that goodness, I am sure that there were tears and there was exasperation. but sometimes i forget.
every once in a while i do forget that i am a person a human being. sometimes i forget but then comes a helpful soul. a Godly circumstance. a friendly face. a nice gesture. a special note. a minuscule reminder of what i am. ironic that in the country founded upon the belief that all men are created equal i need reminder that i am human
but i do.
sometimes i forget that other people need the same reminder. that they are going through a struggle and the top of the mountain seems like an unreachable place.
but they cant forget. the must not forget. we must all remember.
and when this has past and all we can recall is the euphoria of getting to the top. the adrenaline that comes with triumph. when time passes and forever changes then we must still remember the people still climbing the mountain.
sometimes i forget, but then i do remember and everything seems better.