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I have been reading your comments nice to know that there are people that get what I am writing about.

Some people wrote about my forbidden fruit post.  I know that it seems like why would the fact that you have no paperwork not allow you to start a serious relationship.  Well, for me it is partly the fact that you never really know who to trust.  And well it is a little hard to explain why a twenty something year old with a bachelors degree does not have a job, a  car, a license, and still lives with their parents without putting the whole situation out there.  Putting the whole situation out there requires a little bit of trust and well trusting someone requires hanging out.  Hanging out can be hard with no car or money which brings me back to the beginning.

Another reason, however, is that I want to be single for a while and enjoy being single as a person that is able to drive and has money to go out and lives in an apartment independently of her parents. It is just something that I want to experience and finding the absolute right person now would somewhat hinder that experience because I would be afraid to lose them.

It is truly like I am just waiting for that ONE THING that piece of paper to show up to my front door in order to get my life started.  And yet….life happens…we grow older and we meet people even without it…


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  1. Geez, it’s like you keep taking the words right out of my head! Which is a good thing, b/c it was hard for me to find the voice to blog after a while, so keep up the good work!

    I think it feels like my life is like a DVD that’s been on pause the past few years especially. And I don’t have the power to hit play, or even the ability to hit rewind and change things. I’m just stuck, and some government bureaucracy is the only one with the remote and the power to press Play so I can actually start living. If that makes any sense.

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