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I am a dreamer. I have been conditioned to dream, and to keep on dreaming. When other people see what is not there I see what could be. Maybe it is this life in which I have to perpetually rearrange things  to fit what I want like a giant tetris game.  In which each little piece is shaped by the fact that I do not have proper documentation to live in the United States.

I have patience though. Other people give up after two or three tries. I try until I get whatever I want because it is not like I have something better to do. There is no dream big enough for me. Nothing that I do not think I cannot achieve. I just feel so spoiled by whoever is out there giving me all this even if it is not always when I want it or need it my life eventually works out.

Do not get me wrong though.  Being a dreamer can get tiring sometimes there are just too many dreams in my head to many things that I want to do and I cannot see the day when I will finally get to do it all.  It is like all the little blocks are not fitting in correctly and they are bogging me down until finally I start to lose control and it is game over.  Then I have to start again with a clean slate, and I patiently breath and try to look at the blocks as they are coming and try to place them in my life.  I know some of you will get this metaphor and other people will be like wtf is she talking about. For those that get it thanks it makes me feel good to think that I am not the only crazy person out there ;).
I want to find a dreamer just like me so we can make little dreams and then big dreams together. I want him to dream up a life with me in it and I want to help him build it. A dreamer who understands what it is like to have to change things around because of a piece of paper. A dreamer who is not afraid of life and the challenges that come with it because after having been restricted by the United States Government there is no other obstacles that we cannot meet.  A dreamer who sees the look in my eyes and understands what is going on because he has been through the same thing too.  A dreamer who dreams and does not stop dreaming because of the situation they are in.

A dreamer like me.


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  1. Lol, I don’t think you’re crazy. A lot of other Dreamers think it’d be stupid for two Dreamers to fall for each other, since marriage wouldn’t help either of them. But I don’t think I agree with that. Like you, I think it would make a huge difference being with a guy who understood the situation. I think of my closest friends and even my family, and get frustrated by the fact that, no matter how much I try to explain to them, they simply cannot understand everything I’m going through. If I want to be w/someone for the rest of my life, I kind of need them to understand, and it would help if they had been a Dreamer too. But who knows? Hard to predict the future these days eh?

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