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Monthly Archives: August 2008

It is a giant network. Other people knowing your status is not necessarily bad. Sometimes they can help and if they cannot maybe they will introduce you to someone that is in the same situation and with them you find a bond. I think it is only natural that you would want to talk to them. Know how life is going for them. How they survive every day. What they find hope in. Who do they tell about their status. What their dreams and aspirations are and how having no paperwork for the United States has frustrated these dreams. And in return you tell them your story and you find in them not someone that is appalled or priful or judgemental but rather someone that understands the situation that you are going through. It is nice.
In turn they tell you about people that might be able to help you. Or they give you ideas about how to improve your life. I think most importantly they let you know that you are not alone that other people go through this and they survive.
Like the doctor from John Hopkins who worked in the fields as an undocumented immigrant and now is doing research to cure cancer. Or the parents of the boy that recently won a gold medal for the United States in the Olympics. Or the people that went to college and worked to pay for every single one of their classes and books and even their apartment. I will not lie sometimes I am amazed at myself for what I do but often times I am even more amazed at what they do. However, I stop and remember that maybe to people outside the situation all of this stuff is cause for amazement but to us it is just stuff we do because while we might be in this TEMPORARY situation we want a better life and we are willing to WORK for it. And I do find comfort in this. In knowing that what does not kill us makes us stronger and people do survive this situation and live to talk about it.
On days like today it is really easy to see that light outside of the tunnel. It is really easy to know that I only have to walk a few steps and I will be there.