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I start my walk down to the bus and the breeze hits my face. It is moments like this that I realize that I am truly happy to be alive. At that moment I need nothing else but me. It is the realization that I thrive on independence that any problems that I have, with the help of God, I can fix that what does not kill me makes me stronger…that “aint no mountain hiiiiiiiiigh enough”. Sorry I got carried away and started singing in my head.

I know that my life can be could have been completely different and a million ifs go through my head. What if my mom had come here sooner. If my grandmother had never left. What if my mom had accepted people’s proposals and given me up for adoption. What if? The bottom line is that I would not be the person that I am right now. Maybe I would be better or maybe I would be worst, but I would definately not be me. And as I walk out to the bus stop ready to take the bus all by myself I realize that me is not so bad.


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  1. I’ve thought about the what ifs too. what if my citizen grandma had nont only petitioned my aunt and my uncle but my dad as well? what if my mom had applied for an h1b first? what if, what if what if…..

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