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Monthly Archives: July 2008

The wings of a butterfly are so beautiful. Multi colored and useful. With a little flap they can take the butterfly anywhere it wants to go.
I can picture myself finding the highest branch in the tree outside and jumping off. The wings attached to my side flutter and catch me in my fall. They lift me up. They take me off to explore the world. These little things on the side seem like such worthless appendages and yet they provide butterflies with constant moving power. They give the butterfly a way to sustain itself and a way to travel. These little tiny flappy cloth like structures provide life and mobility to the butterfly.
I see the wings that people have. I admire them and I am even a little jealous of them. Those wings that can reach the sky if they only tried. Those wings that can flutter about to catch the wind. I wish my wings would grow in. I want to be free to travel the world with just one flutter of my wings. Maybe it is because I have imagined flying so much that I am not scared to do it. I have faith that if I take that leap my wings will catch me.

It is so hard to watch someone waste their potential. It is so hard to just sit by as they throw away everything that you wish you could have. I will never understand why people do it. I guess I will never be in their situation and so I should not be the one to judge. Fear can be very powerful, but I guess when you learn to have faith, fear just sort of oozes away and you begin to believe in yourself and the world around you. So I guess having all the potential in the world and not having faith in yourself and in the world around you is worthless. In the end the butterfly with wings and the one stuck in the cacoon are both just sitting on the top of the tree not being able to fly.