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It is hot here. The kind of hot that makes your skin instantly turn two shades darker or pinker depending on your skin tone. I live relatively near a beach though. The breeze that comes from there is nice. It sort of cools down the skin a little.

Walking to the beach is always an awesome experience because it is just so vast. It is just water for miles and miles nothing else but water. Whenever I go my mind cannot understand that there is anything but water there. Logically, though, the water ends somewhere and then there is land. A whole new country. With a whole new set of people living their lives. Somewhere on the other side there is probably a girl looking out wondering what is at the other side. Thinking that maybe she would like to go see America. That maybe things over there are strange or different. I guess everything over here is novel to her like everything over there would be novel to me.

She would maybe be able to see the Great Wall of China every day. Or maybe the eiffel tower is a couple of steps from her house. I guess maybe the rush of the city is boring to her and she wishes to slow down her life. Or maybe the Spanish palenques with the toros are a weekly festivity for her. The gelato and authentic pizza romana are an everyday treat. Maybe whenever she goes outside there is a vast wilderness for her.

Maybe one day when I am finally allowed to travel and see the world. I will be over to go over there, and watch my skin turn two shades darker in another continent. I will stare out at the water and see miles and miles of water and I will know that somewhere on the other side there is a girl sitting on the sand waiting to see what is on the other side. I will send a message to that girl and hope that the beach carries it over. It will tell her that there is another side to the ocean. That over here there are people amazed by the thought of Los Angeles freeways and Hollywood stars. That they think that Americans are tall with blond or blue eyes and I will tell her that people over here actually crave hamburgers and milk shakes.

For now I will just sit on this side of the beach and listen to the messages the wind gives me from the people that already made it over there.


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