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I try to keep writing on this but sometimes I have nothing to write about. I do not want to keep repeating the same things: I am restless…I feel trapped…I want my life to change…My undocumented status affects every part of my life….I feel trapped…I feel like it is an endless circle….like all of you probably already know what I am feeling and I do not want to hammer you over the head with it.

So what else can I write about…you know how they say that fish probably take water for granted because they are immerse in it…just like humans take air for granted….I guess that is how I feel. There are certain aspects of my life that I am immersed in and so they do not seem noteworthy or it seems redundant for me to try to explain over and over again what it is that I mean, but I guess some people do not understand.

I am going to make myself write. And I guess if people want to read they will because I will be writing. Maybe through exploring little aspects of my life I can make the water around me seem a little more obvious and I can learn to appreciate the air I breath.


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  1. I know how you feel. I also would like to say that I like your blog and your writing style, it is awesome. I hope you can continue to write.

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