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I want to get away. To become nothing but a face just a face. I do not want people to recognize me. Old friends to talk to me. I just want a whole new life. I want to forget everything that has happened for a while and just leave. Pack a bag and head out to nowhere or everywhere in no particular order. Sounds harsh I know, but it seems like that is the only way that I will get cleansed. My spirit will renew itself. Strip me of everyTHING then I will have to become someTHING. Leave everything behind. I do not want any paperwork attached to me; a body without a history. A person without a past.

Then maybe I will be ready to start my life. I will be able to retake the conversations with old friends and find them meaningful; now they are the same old thing over and over again. I will be able to find reason within myself because right now everything is unclear. I will be able to appreciate people because right now they are a distraction. I will be able to move on because right now I am stuck. Stuck on what has happened. Stuck on what has been. Stuck on what could have been. Stuck on who I was. Just plain stuck and ready to move on.


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